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IUCN NCUK river restoration and biodiversity image

This IUCN NCUK-commissioned report describes the importance of rivers in the UK and Ireland for nature conservation, summarises the damage that rivers have sustained and discusses ways to restore habitats for the benefit of wildlife and human society. 

'Scottish Mussel' promo image

"Ritchie is a Glaswegian chancer with low hopes and no prospects. Disillusioned with city life, he goes undercover at a Highland conservation centre to make his fortune as an illegal pearl fisher with the help of his two hapless and accident prone mates, Danny and Fraser.

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The PiP team have been invited to contribute to an exciting art project called 'Paisley Pearls'.  See what Mo has to say on the matter @MoTheMussel.

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VHE ‘Pearls in Peril’ project is in the running for a civil engineering award following successful restoration works at River South Esk. Read more at VHE's website.

Survey work on the River Dee

Read what the Pearls in Peril project is doing to improve the prospects of the freshwater pearl mussel in the River Dee. 

microscopic glochidia

How do freshwater mussels reproduce? This mini film tells all & how the PiP Project is intervening to boost numbers.

Mo The Mussel


LIFE NATURE has granted the ‘Pearls in Peril’ (PIP) project a six month extension and we will now continue to 2nd March 2017. PIP has been busy completing all our project actions across sites in Scotland, England and Wales and now has the opportunity to do a bit more.

map of Peril Project river bank restoration locations

Glen Clova and Glen Doll
Temporary disruption from 6th July for 4 to 5 weeks

image at the river Dee - Croy removal

The River Dee Special Area of Conservation (SAC) holds important populations of freshwater pearl mussel and Atlantic salmon. The conservation status of freshwater pearl mussel populations within the river has been assessed as ‘unfavourable, no change’ by SNH.